Our List Of Servers
Here is a list of our servers, you can connect to them through their respective game server browser. We name all our servers: Sentral.Network To find our servers for the games listed below, just search the name.

Ballistic Overkill 
We host a Ballistic Overkill in Sydney, it's the only server that's hosted within Australia (at time of this server creation) and you can find it by looking for our name. We have also made an EU server for those people that play the most over there. Connect with the names:
[AU] Sentral.Network     [EU] Sentral.Network

‌We host an insurgency server. Check out more info with the below banner from GameTracker. Click the banner for more information.

‌A modded server, ready for you! You can join our server by using the DZSALauncher.

That's right, your reading this correctly, we're making a Minecraft server and it'll be ready to play very soon.